Theory: Gods, Demons and Life

How life came to be from a spiritual point of view...

This story is the truth about how life came to be and I am telling it in a way that it will most likely feel like a myth or a legend, this is because the depth and complexity of all of this has not yet fully penetrated my full awareness, and i am merely reflecting upon the parts that i do fully understand.

Most of what i am telling is based upon that which my God: Aea, who approached me through a Medium, told me in the course of 3 months in which i had the opportunity to speak with him frequently.

In the beginning before life came into existence the spiritual plane was still completely detached form the material plane and both 'dimensions' existed parallel to each other unstirred, both just following the grand-scaled changing patterns.
Because of the properties of spiritual energy, area's existed within the spiritual plane during this age where energy was concentrated and formed specific atmospheres. The power was so intense that entities were formed by it made from pure energy. These beings 'lived' there, dependent upon each of their own great sources of power. These beings were The First, the ones who were perfectly balanced and would later turn into the Gods.

After a very long period, because it is in the nature of The Pattern to connect the unconnected, a crack came between the spiritual and material plane by natural means. Matter was formed in an orderly fashion (chemistry) and withdrew energy from the spiritual plane. A rhythmic process started that kept repeating and repeating (the reincarnation cycle)
This was the first life.
Lots of many different changes came upon the matter and the energy it carried originating from the spiritual realm. The process of change accelerated more and more, and with every new phase of change more of the energy was drawn from the spiritual plane and bound to the matter, until self sustained sources formed were bound to their own place in the matter: The spirit.

The spirit was unique in its form, born from the combination of the spiritual and the material (earthly). The First were highly fascinated and surprised by that which was newly formed and studied the new phenomena called life.
It was something that literally touched them since their source of power came into motion and a turbulence seemed to form in their world because of this life.
Because of the 'touch' from the earthly The First slowly changed into the Gods.

During the development of the spirits in which they became stronger and used more energy, something miraculous came into being that even made the gods nervous. The Consciousness.
The Gods saw themselves reflected in this form of life and noticed that their world had become tied to the world of life. They knew they would never ever find the rest again they once possessed. The gods changed further. They changed so much that many of them were drawn closer to the spirits that were tied to life.

Eventually The Gods started to directly intervene with the world of the living and wanted expand their domain. This new world of the living was their world. They were strong and had under their control the source on which life was based, and thus they were able to exercise great influence.
What the gods at that time did not realize yet, or what was to them just considered as irrelevant, is that the unique properties of life causes a balance to be maintained in the spiritual energies that are a part of life!
The Yin and the Yang. This balance of forces is the same effect that makes the binding of spiritual energy with the material possible. Because the gods themselves were originally made from pure light (spiritually speaking) their presence among the living was causing great unbalance, and the creatures made from shadow spawned: The Demons. The Demons were driven by the same kind of will as the gods but their methods were exactly the opposite of the light.

It could very well be so that during the periods that the gods lived among mankind they became more living like balanced inside and created the Demons themselves to fulfill the wishes they could not do themselves with their power source.
This is the way the spiritual plane and the connection with it has been shaped into the way it currently still exists.
The influences of the Gods and Demons are very noticeable throughout history up until this very day and can be pointed out, and changes are still taking place!