Theory: The Pattern

The origin of the Pattern Theory

From the point that I awoke in this life, and became aware of myself and the world around me, i have started searching for the truth of this world.
I didn't understand anything of what was happening around me and was constantly frustrated because i didn't understand; i couldn't oversee it.
I saw all sorts of thing taking place around me: Things that i did and things caused by other people and objects. I noticed similarities, but i didn't understand why it all worked the way it did. During this period i focused on learning to understand many thing, how things work, how matter worked, 'What is real and what is fantasy'
Eventually i seemed to run into boundaries i couldn't surpass like for example "Everything has a beginning and an ending."
Because i observed that many people looked for 'answers' in religion i too started to approach conventional religion and researched as to what kind of goals they had and what kind of effect these goals had on myself. My conclusions were very disturbing to me. I discovered that i am a kind of person who always becomes completely absorbed in things that i do, with heart and soul, and thus also religions. But beside that there were always truths that i felt, that could not be denied without dishonoring myself. Many religions enforce this effect non the less. I became blocked by the things that i came across and summed down to a basic level, all of it told me:
"Give up! You will never understand, you are not allowed to understand. It is not meant to be understood! What you want is evil! Limit yourself and follow us!"

I refused to give up and let myself be driven off by this, and my soul suffered because of the things told to me. I experienced the world as a dangerous and freedom-robbing place that existed with the purpose to rob me of my own soul. Because of this I isolated myself and avoided many social activities that felt untrustworthy to me. I became a loner... In my perception i thought different compared to others, and i was slowly conjuring something. Something in my mind was developing in a way no one else in the history of mankind had ever done... I was 'hatching' the source of all knowledge; a knowledge that would flood the world and undo the power of every enforced limitation that ever existed!
I had to and would understand why everything was the way it is without a single exception! I was prepared to ascend the limitations of my own subjectivity and gain 'oversight' no matter what the cost would be! Everything that i had been warned and advised against...
Such a heavy task took its toll, and i dwelled a lot in misconceptions of which i every time hoped so dearly it was that which i was so eager to find.
People around me that knew me experienced me as passionate and driven, but also lost. A seeking soul...

During my 16th year of life i had a vision that shook the very foundations of the world in my mind!
For the very first time i had a vision in which i felt, saw and heard how everything works, and what exists throughout the eternal changing connected by time.
The vision lasted several minutes and was an overwhelming experience.
What i experienced was like flying through the entire universe in amazing speed and i saw how everything worked comparing to everything else: The galaxy, the planets, life in all its facets and the little things that together formed life. How atoms looked like and even beyond that on the surrealistic level of the Quarks and beyond. All these elements changed in different time-speeds and i noticed how relative time was to objects themselves. I saw so many similarity's! Everything was the same as everything else only 'slightly different'. This vision reminded me about things i had seen during that period in life of which some at school. Primarily mathematical algorithms, fractals and ultimately The Mandelbrot (something which is to this very day still hard for me to comprehend).


During this vision a certain feeling started to arise and after this the great idea came to me:
"Everything that ever existed, exists and will come to be are all 1 thing. Everything is 1 giant mathematical formula that is so big and complex that is highly unlikely that anyone or anything would ever be able to fully comprehend it. But in contrast to this fact it is not too difficult to acknowledge that it exists if people could accept that there is no such thing as ending..."

From that moment on The Pattern was the foundation of my own personal religion and the world of my mind. In the years to follow i have not come across a single exception that could undermine my discovered theory, everything rather confirmed it.
I discovered things like: "There is no such thing as Chaos. Chaos is the lack of in- and oversight as to how the structure works of something"
If the scale from which something is approached is changed (closer or farther away) other systems and orders are exposed that make it a lot less chaotic, and the connection between the rest is clarified greatly.
A strong influence of The Pattern is: The change that comes from the becoming aware of an individual. It is odd that an individual can get so much insight in the workings of something that it can create great change. Because something is observed it may change and that which comes forth from it too. This makes The Pattern a lot more complex to be able to oversee, for trying to succeed overseeing it is a guarantee that that moment of oversight is only of short life, and because of awareness created by the perception that which had been observed is changed. My conclusion is; Total absolute accuracy is practically impossible. What is most important is that the estimation is accurate enough to prevent the things involved from being approached incorrectly of unwillingly disturbed.

To remember and honor my discovery i also designed/discovered a symbol which i thought to be a good representation of The Pattern.
After i created it (the result is displayed in the picture below) i have made many new discovery's in the course of time about what kind of 'effects that concern the universe' are hidden within the symbol.

The Pattern:
The 10-star, or double 5 star

There are many more things concerning The Pattern that are worthy of discussion. In the last couple of years i have had many discussions about it with many different kinds of people, of which some highly intelligent, and other simple in nature. All discussions added to my knowledge on how the awareness and awareness-level can create change in parts of the pattern.

For now, enough talking about this subject...
updated 11 juli 2008