Theory: Matter, Spirit, Soul and Conciousness

The 4 Elements of Life

There is an old legend that alchemists discovered in medieval times about the 4 elements.

Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
Alchemists believed these elements were the basis of all existence and that everything around us was based upon these elements.

In the end of 2006 i had a revelation about these 4 elements that has to do with the fundamentals of Life.
Each of these elements could easily be transformed into part of the life forces, and together they form a stable basis for our existence.

Earth - The Body
As we all feel Earth is the most associated with matter. Rocks and Sand. But also it is a symbol of the flesh, and of the primal self preservation.
Earth is the symbol for the body. It is the material component concerning a living being. And it is that which stays behind when a living being dies.
When the earth becomes unstable it will move the waters severely and maybe even cause the inner fire from deep within to surface. Physical pain is known to create consciousness and insight.

Air - Spirit
Air is beside its material composition an element that is associated with flowing movement and that which spreads around everywhere evenly. It is in fact the symbol of the spirit. It cannot be grasped but it is there and all life does not exist without it.
If there is no earth to keep the air in their gravitational pull, it will wonder of in the vast depths of space and loose its density. Such is the spirit with the body.
Unless the spirits finds another gravitational pull, thus water, in large amounts can have gravity of its own.
Fire burns up Air and reduces it, brings movement to it and turbulence. Such is consciousness to the spirituality of a person, in a conscious state a person will feel their spirit exist vividly, but after the process is finished they will feel less, weakened. This is the spirit that burned up in the process of Consciousness.

Water - Soul
Water is present in all life, it is a symbol of all liquid and of the tying together into a fluid group, like a lake. An important factor is that it always flows down toward the lowest point on the solid earth. When the Air is still then Water is still too and it will form a perfect surface like a mirror. However even a simple touch would cause ripples that will spread far and visible. Water is a symbol for the Soul and it carries the same patterns as the soul. Everyone's soul is the a fragile thing. When peacefully the soul is beautiful and simple, but stirred it can become a wild thing and create a lot of chaos and pain. Like with water, it takes time to make the soul calm down.

Fire - Consciousness
Fire is not always present, but it is important for the cycle of life, it is the a general symbol of transformation and change, of passion and destruction. When fueled sufficiently, fire will grow from a single little flame to a vast fire burning all around until the fuel has run out, and it will decrease in size, until new fuel is delivered. Fire is the symbol for consciousness, and like fire consciousness grows when the fuel is lit up. When sparked someone who is normally not very occupied with deeper thought will suddenly become aware of the things that exist and all the fuel that has formed inside their mind by the experience that person had gained subconsciously will make the flame grow and in their vision everything falls in place.
updated 11 juli 2008