Theory: "The One", the other half of the universe

There is something in between the planes, in the center beyond the Source and even the gods themselves.
Something that is beyond the fabrics of the Pattern and Source themselves
A mysterious something that has something to do with the origin of the universe and everything that exists. It is something without form,without shape, it only has a representation to those that are confronted with it, the dead that depart.

We named it The "One" when we became aware of this mysterious 'phenomena'.
It is something that is hard to grasp for others and myself as well.
There is speculation that it is a living thing, but one thing i am certain of because i have seen it in person:

The One is the place where spirits of the living go when they reincarnate, they are stripped of their experience and transformed into a new spirit that is sent back to the living.

Why does it exist, why does it seem to have this function is a great mystery.

I have heard sayings that The One is the creator of the universe. That it only knew perfection, and that it in response wanted to learn imperfection and thus created the Universe. The Pattern and the Source being the foundation for everything that exists. Despite all of this The One doesn't seem to have any kind of influence... no power or control of what perspires within the Pattern. It just exists.

There is not much more to say about this magnificent and mysterious phenomena.
At closer inspection it appears that The One poses a sort of counter balance against the ever changing dynamics of the Universe. It seems to be like what the nucleus is to the Atom, in which the Source is the Electron and the Pattern the Electrons trajectory.

Despite all of this there has to be some change. It has to be, because there is interaction.
Something does happen with The One... but what that enfolds is simply beyond my comprehension.
Some people i know that say they have seen The One say that it strives to unite itself with everything it created. But to me this seems wild speculation.
It could just as well be a reflection of the inner, since we ourselves as human spirits wish to unite with that which we create.

There is simply not enough grip and understanding to have any certainty on what the true nature of The One really is.

updated: February 17th 2010