Theory: The 5 Orders of Shapes


The 5 Orders of Shapes

During my research for inspiration for my jewelery i discovered a series of mental influences of shapes on people's mind. Different shapes seem to have specific effects resulting in changes of state of mind and taste preferences of people who are energized or inspired by these influences. I concluded that the influence of  shapes is greater then anyone can imagine in the regular sense. Ancient cultures used specific shapes as divine tools or magical inhibitors. Their workings where completely depending on the symbolic shapes and the reflection and influence of them upon the users mind.

As my insight grew on this i devised a system to catagorize the most significant shape types and their influences and took in the term "Order" to isolate and devise their significance. Eventually the categorization process ended up creating 5 distinct orders that contained every aspect of shapes that exists.

The 5 Orders of shapes can be used to identify everything, and also determine the effects of the symbols i use for my jewelery.
Every jewel i create has comments concerning the Order of shapes and which influences are thereby embedded in it.

  • Absolute Patterns (universe)
  • Rhythm (life)
  • Free Asymmetries (chaos)
  • Old Symbolics (force)
  • Meaning (awareness)

The Orders are combinable in many ways, and the complexity that can be achieved with then can theoretically be infinite. Because of this i think that with these  passive influencing possibilities my symbolic jewels can be a significant influence on the conscience development of the people that ware them.

Absolute Patterns

Absolute patterns are as it already says absolute, clear and simplistic in nature. The simplistic nature is also the greatest strength of its influence. This simplism bring feelings of the roughest elements of the universe to us, and can lead to subconscious hypnotic states. It also tends to bring our awareness closer to the cores of our own self. When focussing on Absolute Patterns one can be confronted with gods, and the creation of the universe. All the things that are seemingly far beyond our grasp. Absolute Patterns are thoroughly logical, and anyone with mathematical insight can reason out the logic of its structures.

Probably the most dazzling realization of Absolute Patterns is that they exist everywhere. In places where you may not expect them. On every small and great scale you can find these strong simplistic pattern forming significant aspects of the structures of the universe. Absolute patterns often adds a great sense of connection with the universe. Logical because what you see becomes you. As soon as you realize that it is all real, and you are part of it you will grow and change forever, carrying the memory of the significance of all existence.

Old Symbolics

Symbols are creative patterns that are easily recognizable and often refer to events in the past that were of significant importance at the time and often still are. The influence of symbolics and the meaning that individuals attach to them are often very divers dependent on the experiences a person has had with the specific symbol and the rules attached to it by its creator (source). Symbolics can separate as well as unite groups of people. The power of symbols are risky in times of chaos and supression but in times of growth and peace they are often connected with divine powers en sometimes lead entire societies in directions of which can be speculated if it is good or bad, even for people many generations after it first appeared. Some  symbols are ancient and stay alive and some symbols are newly created, i personally involve myself in experimenting with creating new symbols.


The meaning of something is often left entirely to the interpretation of those involved. Meanings can also be thought up anew. Some people like creating new meanings and adding them to old symbolics from old times. If you for example combine 2 different symbols you can create new meaning to it. The new meaning added can rarely undo the meaning of old symbols involved, it can however create a contrast, expose a paradox, or point out a collaboration. But 1 does not dissolve the other. Meaning is a powerful covering principle, but equally volatile.


Rhythms are patterns that are living and repeating en often bring up association with living elements like plants or animals but also the earth itself and growth in general. Rhythms are a very good form of pointing out changes in the world of life but also on a cosmic scale; The universal movement of all things. Rhythms can mobilize the minds of people and motivate them to follow their nature. When the mind wanders into unbalance rhythms become distorted and need to be reshaped onto the changing fundament. This principle by itself is the very foundation of evolution. Evolution comes in steps, each generation, and is per definition a rhythm on itself. Rhythms are closely tied to adaptability and gradual change.

Free Asymmetries

Free asymmetries appear in their most rugged form more or less like chaos, something that is hard to contain and often creates unrest or excitement in our minds. It undoes the created balance in ourself and exposes the most inner self to those who genuinely observe beyond the surface. Confrontation with free asymmetries can thus lead to stress and aggression as well as creativity and reformation, dependent on the heritage and life choices of the confronted person. Because of its influences free asymmetries can be directly associated with wilderness; the force that animal life needs in times of the gravest danger just to survive. Free asymmetries is a very powerful phenomenon, the source of evolution, but also a danger in a world where strife towards control, oversight and stability are held in high regard.