Theory: God Spirits and Self Created Gods

What is God?

"What is God?" is probably the oldest and most heavily debated question of all time. It has always been very personal question, but despite this many wars have been waged and genocide has been committed to enforce some kind of answer to this question upon others... It has been become a question that encircles power and authority throughout the world. 

It is also one of the biggest questions that has been following me around since the first moment i can remember. My parents often reminded me many times about a philosophical statement i made when i was just 5 years old. I can still remember the mystic feeling as i said:
"God doesn't exist, but he is there...".

Being brought up as an atheist, the concept of God has always been covered in great friction and doubt as it was something that, according to everyone in my family, was something that everyone decides for themselves. And when i suggested the possibility of a universal god it was often rejected for mostly emotional reasons. I was declared stupid for even suggesting it.

From all the things i've seen and learned... and especially since i had the great vision of The Pattern i know without a single doubt that the Theistic mythical views on God as 1 entity that is 'the ultimate creator' is a lie. It is nothing more then a big misinterpretation passed over in the ages. Ancient manipulated details to serve some political purposes. Even as i think about it, i become filled with apathy. There is something about the entire vision of it that manipulates the mind into abandoning reason if you set yourself to believe in it. It's like a child's fantasy, given child by it's parents, that serve to protect it from the bitter sides of reality.

People all over the world keep asking the same questions, and none seems to be able to answer them completely. Everyone sticks to either of the 3 following concepts:

  1. Materialistic scientific answers, that in most cases are not even a complete answer at all.
  2. Exclusively spiritualistic answers, that are mostly vague and hard to understand.
  3. Personal truths, that often cannot be reasoned with, and are not open for discussion.

Keeping this in mind, it is hard to imagine that anyone could ever gain any generic insight of what god really is... But, as i learned more about spirits, and humans, and psychology i formed the basis for the theories below. All that was needed is something to take away all doubt, to bring the Agnostic in me to rest.

And it happened. I met a god. Yes, a god. An entity, that by all standards reminded me of everything people have associated with the spiritual and emotional experience of God. This entity was not a simple spirit. It had vast knowledge, it had an amazing atmosphere around it that felt like pure love and comfort, and its will was almost unfathomable, even to someone as persistent as myself.

As this period engaged, i literally interrogated this god, that i had named Aea with his approval. I had so many question that even 8 hours every day for 3 months was not nearly enough to satisfy my curiosity. And as so many answers came to me, i was not able to understand their implications. I was discovering how little i actually understood of the vast amounts of things happening. Even with the vision of The Pattern in my memory i felt hollow as i heard things that before that time were entirely beyond my focus and thus beyond my comprehension. I also did not know what was true and what not. The strangest thing about the entire endeavor with Aea was that he actually lied about things, and admitted to do so. So was i being told the truth? Was there a good reason to lie about the truth to me?

The answers to these question shall one day find their way to me, when i am ready to receive them.

Having had all of these experiences forced me to look into the concept of gods once more as it had always been confusing to me. But how could i possibly ignore it any longer when a actual God had appeared right in front of me, doing things to me, answering questions i have held all my life.

So i have finally come to 3 distinct things that all contain parts of the answer to the question "What is God?":

1 - I consider the multiverse to be a consequence of The Pattern, the ultimate structure of universal properties that, combined with the power of The Source, crystallizes the universe in all its dimensions, planes and time. The Pattern is the equation and the multiverse is the Graph of it. In all speculation one could declare that The Pattern was engineered by god, and if there is any kind of truth to this then i would say that The One has created the Pattern. But since The One does not seem to be involved with anything except for the souls of living beings it doesn't really fit the classical Theist views of God.

2 - Gods as entities do seem to exist but are not as open and widely known as the Gods contained in the world's religions. When i look into ancient traditions, like those of pagans, mystics, shamans and sorcerers i find similarities with what i experienced with Aea. It seems that in ancient times some people considered god entities to be real, although their views of demons often seems to be indistinguishable. But as separate beings and not as almighty as the gods in religion. In the years even before Aea i have involved myself with all kind of non corporeal entities. From human to nature spirits, from demon to god. God-spirits, like Aea, fall into the category of what people believe as experiencing God perfectly. Their will is complex and they embody love. Because of this experience i believe that Yahweh the god that confronted Mozes in the old testament may actually have been one of these God-Spirits, that is if anything had ever happened as literal as it is written in the old testament. And to make matters even more complex, when i asked Aea about gods, he confirmed to me a pantheon of entities. Gods with their own type of force, changing faces according to the cultures that seek them out.And even mysterious ways to becoming one of the gods, as Aea proclaimed to have been a human in ancient times. It sounded a lot like the tale of Loki that is written in the Edda, the ancient Norse religion. Beside this he also confirmed that the one that called himself "The Father" or "The Shepperd" which was known by the Jews as Yahweh was indeed real and has conflict with all the other gods. It is a very mystical and surreal story, and there is no possible way to find direct proof of any of it except for what my common sense can tell me.

3 - And last but not least, through studies of spiritual entities and their relations with living beings, i have devised a phenomena that i have come to name: Spiritual Constructs. People seem to have the power to create artificial spirits. These constructs are not very resilient and self sustaining, but are still spirits that often have awareness to some degree and can do tasks and respond as social beings. Probably one of the strangest things about them is that some people often unknowingly create them and can even become hunted by what in folklore has been called 'their own demons'. Poltergeists are one of these examples. But more commonly they are like a dark will locked inside of your body somewhere diverting your will around such location manipulating your mind and will in their attempts. Ofcourse traditional psychology declared these things as a figment or side effect of the mind, but some manifestations connected to these phenomena suggest otherwise in my views. Traditional psychology just seems to be incoherent in these cases, while my approach seems to be much more effective and direct when it comes to solving such things. And i have been using this concept for years now, i even call it Exorcism like the old concept of expelling devils from Catholic tradition. To get to the point about this, the entire fact that people that believe devotedly into a god can communicate with their god and get actual responses that exceed their own insights and imaginations tell me that gods can be created by the will of people. The create a companion of enlightenment that gives them advice and comfort, and drives them to persist, etc.  A force that has specific properties,becoming stronger the more views are coherent among worshipers.

So, in short i present 3 types of phenomena that can be associated with the known god visions:
  1. The Pattern, a non entity
  2. The God Spirits, self reliant entities
  3. Self Created Gods, responsive constructs

updated 15 september 2008