Theory: Light and Darkness, Good and Evil

The greatest cultural misunderstanding of all times

Many people consider Good and Evil to be the same thing as Light and Darkness.
Many Religions and cultures use these words synonymously in which Good and Evil are usually regarded as Socially orientated and Light and Darkness are usually spiritually orientated.
But the differences between the both are great, making both completely different effects.

What are the biggest differences?
- Light and Darkness are Objective while Good and Evil are Subjective.

What is considered as good for one person is considered as evil to another. Good and Evil are words that are by nature Egocentric. The perspective decides what is good and what is evil.
This makes the concept very volatile and easily manipulated.
Because of these abilities the concept is often used to make stories interesting and complex. The subjectivity of Good and Evil have been eternally debated because mankind has always tried to merge them with the elementary effects of Light and Darkness. This is simply impossible.

Light and Darkness are words that are strongly Archetypically Orientated. They are concepts that have been used all throughout history in Mythical and Religious stories.
Also most concepts of magic have been separated into Light and Dark magic.
Many cultures are inspired by Light and Darkness and many artists use the concept to express their inspirations. Despite this there are only few that truly comprehend that in contrast to Good and Evil they are objective and easily definable.

Light is energy en likewise Darkness is also energy. Spiritual energy that are complementary. They contradict each other but they also keep each other in balance. They are energies that can be found in anything and everything. They are the Yin and the Yang.

- Light is energy of creation, stabilization, rest and peace. Merging energy. Trust, care and love. Feelings
- Darkness is energy of destruction, destabilization, unrest and war. Fragmenting energy. Fear, hatred and passion. Emotions.


If people let this information sink in many seemingly mystical things will become a lot clearer and the nature of things becomes quite obvious.
May the reader have eternal clarity about these primal forces and never again confuse them with the social concepts of good and evil.

updated 9th of June 2009